Yaiza Gallego Lirola graduated in Fine Arts at the University of Granada, lives and works currently in Antwerp, Belgium.
Her works shows us different styles, techniques and themes, given the constant research in different areas of art. But projects often play with topics such as irony, humor, eroticism and sexuality, taboos in society or spirituality, combined with organic shapes, geometry, animals, puns…
For her it is important to transmit or get’ somehow the viewer, namely,   get their attention or a reaction, either positive or negative. Therefore behind her works it is usually a big background or previous study, which results in a work full of inner meaning, even if you with a simple look, can’t see it.
She enjoy works that require precision and careful preparation. Therefore recently she is immersed in one of her other passions, tattoos.

 ” The idea of someone ‘puting in your hands a piece of his body’ for get a design of you, that it will be mainly permanent and it will create a memory and a bond with that person during the process… That ‘thing’ makes me go into such a state of intensity and concentration that it makes me feel soo great… It just fascinates me! ”

2008. Collective Exhibition of Contemporary Art ‘Mars’ , Motril. 12 November.
2009. Selection and exhibition, Competition Portillo, Casa de la Condesa and Nave de los Arcos, Motril.
2010. Collective Exhibition of Contemporary Art ‘SIN TITULO’ room ‘AlTemple’ Escúzar, Granada. From March 6 to 25.
2010. Collective exhibition of the course ‘Jornadas Express’ Expo 2 Laboratory of Image. Faculty of Fine Arts Alonso Cano. May 27.
2010. Individual exhibition Sala de Exposiciones del Centro Joven de Motril. From June 11 to July 2.
2010. Publication of the Catalogue ‘SIN TITULO’ of Contemporary Art.
2010. Publicación’s book ‘Jornadas Express’
2010. Publication of ‘BALI’ (Bulletin of Activities of the Laboratory of Image).
2011. Editing, collaboration and presentation of BALI and the project ‘Comuna con la cocina’. March 9.
2011. Editing, collaboration and participation in the proyect ‘Jornadas Express II‘ and organitation of a collective exhibition. Faculty of Fine Arts Alonso Cano, Granada.

2013. Collective exhibition and collaboration for ‘NUNKI’ , Huis Happaert, Antwerp, Belgium.
2013. Individual exhibition, Rataplan, Antwerp, Belgium.
2013. Collective exhibition and collaboration for ‘NUNKI’, Droom + Daad, Antwerp, Belgium.

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